11 Renovation ideas to turn your Bathroom into a Spa Haven



What’s worth stretching your budget for when doing a bathroom renovation? Luxurious bathroom upgrades like opulent baths or splendid new tiling can give your bathroom a feeling of your own spa within your own home.

But what is it about the spa experience that it has become an obsession ? Well, let’s start at the experience itself. You walk into the reception and you know that this is not any establishment that’s been put together in a hurry. The soft lighting emanates serenity, the scent that invigorates your soul and refreshes your senses, the colours of the walls and the textures of the furnishings, and the relaxing and calm melodies and tunes that are flowing through the air makes you wonder how heavenly this all feels.

When upgrading your bathroom, some extras may be worth the investment to replicate this luxurious experience. According to interior designers, these 11 bathroom renovation ideas will transform your space into a spa-like escape, from heated floors to shower niches to oversized shower heads. They’re always worth the extra spend.

1. Quality Tiling
If you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom and debating between a good-enough and top-notch tile, select quality if you can stretch the budget for it. You’ll feel delighted and enthusiastic every time you enter your bathroom, as a superior tile takes it to the level of a spa. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want. If you do, it will constantly remind you of your bad decision when you walk into this frequently visited area of your house. You begin and end your day here, so make sure it evokes joy, not regret, every morning and evening.


2. Subtle Light
The next time you’re at the spa, indulging yourself in a massage, take a look around and observe the soothing lighting. Controlling the warmth and dimness of bathroom lights can bring little luxuries that make a huge impact. By including adjustable smart lighting into your bathroom space, you can have bright lights for getting ready and dim them for creating a spa-like atmosphere. We recommend installing smart lighting, allowing you to adjust the light by your sink or vanity easily with your smart home integration. Include mood and task lighting in your bathroom’s lighting scheme along with standard ambient light, like, for example a well placed LED mirror, a plant under a light, or a feature light above the freestanding bath or shower.

Also, remember that you are exposed to the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays from your bathroom windows, you don’t realize it when you’re soaking in the shower or singing your favorite tune while relaxing in your bath. Window treatments can enhance natural light, while reducing glare and UV rays for a meaningful and multipurpose upgrade.

Although it is beneficial to connect to the outdoors, it is sometimes difficult because of glare, solar heat gain, and energy loss. The simple solution is adding a source of shade to the window. Window art is growing in popularity by the day, and reduces glare, while specific blinds can reduce heat gain. Blinds, in addition to letting in outdoor light, also offers the effortless convenience of enhancing your view to the outside, and from the outside, bringing in filtered natural light in.

3. Floor Heating
It’s difficult to step out of a hot shower or bath on an icy floor on a cold South African winter morning because of tiled floors further aggravated by cold air from the windows, and a lack of insulation. You don’t have to jump around for a spot on the warm carpet or bathroom mat if you invest in floor heating. The heated floor is one of the most luxurious bathroom comforts. It’s energy-efficient and well worth the price. You can extend it to the shower floor to make it even more encouraging to step into.

Regardless of whether your home is heated by forced air or under-floor heating, it is recommended by some designers to install a secondary heat source in the bathroom. If you have an existing wall-mounted heater, to move or remove it might be another style consideration due for an update.

4. Steam Shower and a Wide Shower Head
When considering additions to your shower space, don’t forget steam showers. It’s an easy way of replicating the experience you would get at a spa. Adding a built-in bench helps to create an even more relaxing environment where you can truly unwind and find respite from your day. That way, you can enjoy both the steam and a calming shower in the same place!

While you’re at it, consider changing your current shower head to a Victoria Shower Head with a Quatro Hand Shower, so you can create a full-body shower experience with water coming in from two directions. With strong water pressure, it allows you to bring the water closer to your body, providing more refreshing results. With a handheld option, a morning shower or those before bedtime will be faster as you can keep your hair dry when it’s not a “wash my hair” day, and save on your water bill.

5. Shower Niche

As an upgrade from the regular built-up corner shelves, consider investing in a stoned or tiled built-in shower niche. It becomes a handy space for you to put your products, and saves you from purchasing something that doesn’t match up nicely. This not only streamlines the entire design of your shower area, but also allows you to get creative with it. Whether it be contrasting elements, changes in pattern or scale, this is a great way to express your own style and create a serene atmosphere. If you wish, a flush fitting cover can be added.

6. Luxury Freestanding Bathtub
Your bathroom won’t be complete without an amazing freestanding bath. Before purchase, be sure to try it out for size and height. When the tub is delivered to your home, make sure it has a pathway of space around it, this will create an inviting focal point in your spa-inspired bathroom. Nowadays, we’re seeing beautiful freestanding tubs with room for small furniture pieces near them, to drop your phone or book onto safely, thus transforming your personal bathroom into the ultimate haven. You can relax with a book and recharge whenever you’ve had a tough day, or any excuse to just get-away.

7. Synergise indoors and outdoors
It is a worthwhile investment if you have the option of extending your bathroom from the inside with a touch of outdoors. Add a door directly to your bathroom to access your outdoor patio, which could include a hot tub, an outdoor shower, or an area for a morning beverage or an evening drink. The door can be left open during the summer months to let in fresh air and listen to the soothing sounds of the South African birdlife and view the lush green landscape.


8. Separated Toilet
If you have the space, consider adding a little door between your main bathroom and toilet. This can be a great way to give your space an upgrade, while providing much-needed privacy if it’s shared with your significant other. Furthermore, installing a door can shift the bathroom focus away from the toilet to more aesthetically pleasing elements such as freestanding bathtubs or your decorated window art. When it comes to these smaller rooms, wallpaper is a significantly better option as it won’t be subjected to high levels of steam like in other areas. Plus, it will add a pleasant splash of color and pattern, which adds value to the experience.

9. Matching Bidet
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, you’ll most likely have sampled their cuisine, but don’t forget about the bathrooms. This kind of lavatory essentials you’d find unusual in parts of South Africa. It may be pricey, but an upgraded toilet and matching bidet brings with it a host of benefits. Bidets with heated water and comfortable seats are not only cosy but also eco-friendly, once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back.

If you don’t want to spend too much on a freestanding bidet, you can get a Bidet Spray Set to be installed by your plumber.

10. Storage Solutions

Having adequate storage can be just as spa-like as any other feature. Keeping a space clean and clutter-free is key to achieving a luxurious feel. It’s wise to think of creative solutions for vanity storage and look into adding a linen closet, either built-in or freestanding like our beautiful mirror stand to store an array of towels. Although it may require some extra spending, the sense of peace that comes with everything in its rightful place is invaluable.

11. Cabinets and drawers with concealed electric outlets

Tangled cords of hair dryers, straighteners, and electric toothbrushes can ruin the appearance and peacefulness of your bathroom. To maintain a calming atmosphere, invest in electric outlets which are installed inside medicine cabinets or custom vanity drawers. Although it’s initially expensive to do so, it will be worth it in the end. You’ll be able to recharge razors and toothbrushes easily in the medicine cabinets and store your hair dryer in the vanity drawer, thus saving some counter space while celebrating a truly neat spa-like scene.

Bathroom renovations can be a great way to add value and style to your home. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a complete overhaul, we hope this list of 11 bathroom renovation ideas has given you some inspiration on how to budget for what’s worth the extra spend. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful new look for your bathroom that will be worth every penny spent.