Elegant Solutions for Tidying Up Your Towels

Elegant Solutions for Tidying Up Your Towels



Your bathroom is where you get yourself cleaned up and ready for the day of work, so it’s quite ironic if your bathroom looks a mess. Let’s neaten up that mess with simple solutions for your towels to hang in a well-organised way.

What is the Problem?

Picture this: Your bathroom, a sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort, suddenly marred by the most unsightly of scenes: towels hanging haphazardly on hooks and walls, or worse, carelessly strewn across the bathroom floor. It’s a scene that not only disrupts the visual harmony of your space but also creates a feeling of anxiety that needs to be remedied, once and for all.

It’s a common struggle many of us face, a daily battle against the chaos that ensues when towels have no designated place to call home and that’s where the obsession turns into a compulsion to fix it.

Neat immaculate bathroom

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. With Eurotrend’s stunning bathroom accessories, we’ll focus on the essentials – Towel Rails, Rings, and Free-Standing Racks. In an elegant palette of Nero, Flat, Blanco, and Rose, these accessories promise to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality.

Eurotrend has Beautiful Solutions to your problem.

There are many ways to address the problem. Judging from your bathroom space, for example, a towel ring will be better suited for a guest toilet, and for bigger bathrooms, depending on the size of your shower or the space along the wall, a Towel Rail of 600mm or even an 800mm width, that can fit well into your space. A Free-Standing Towel Rack lets you go about your design and layout with as much freedom of choice as you please.

What options do I have for organising my towels?

  • Towel Rails: A Symphony of Elegance and Utility:
    A towel rail is designed to hold multiple towels horizontally, typically mounted on a wall or attached to a bathroom fixture. Its purpose is to provide a designated space for hanging towels, allowing them to dry effectively and remain easily accessible. Towel rails are ideal for larger bathrooms with ample wall space and multiple users, as they can accommodate several towels at once.
Rose Towel Rail 60cm


Corner Towel Rail


Black C-Type Towel Rail


Blanco Towel Rail 600mm


  • Towel Rings: Minimalist Charm with Maximum Impact: A towel ring is a smaller, circular fixture mounted on the wall, designed to hold a single towel or hand towel. Its purpose is similar to that of a towel rail, providing a space-saving solution for hanging towels while adding a decorative touch to the bathroom. Towel rings are suitable for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space is limited and only one or two towels need to be hung at a time.
Rose Hand Towel Rail


Razor Towel Ring


Blanco Hand Towel Ring


Flat Towel Ring


  • Free-Standing Towel Racks: Versatile Style for Any Space: A free-standing towel rack is a standalone fixture that holds towels vertically, typically featuring multiple arms or tiers. Unlike towel rails and rings, free-standing towel racks do not need to be mounted on a wall and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. They are versatile and portable, making them suitable for bathrooms of all sizes, including small or awkwardly shaped spaces. Free-standing towel racks are an excellent choice for tenants or those who prefer not to drill holes in the wall.
Black Free Standing Towel Rack

Original price was: R1,750.00.Current price is: R1,250.00.

Silver Free Standing Towel Rack

Original price was: R1,750.00.Current price is: R1,250.00.

Welcome to a Haven of comforting colour

Bathrooms of old used to be white or pastel colours, with Ouma making a cover for the toilet seat and tank, well that fashion sense has thankfully moved on. Now we welcome vibrancy and undeniable classy looks into the modern bathroom.

Colours of co-ordination
Have you ever been into a bathroom, where colours just don’t blend? For example, the towels look like they are completely out of place when seen against the backdrop of the bathroom tiles, and the basin counter also disrupts the colour co-ordination, and the towel colours don’t match the bathroom walls.

Eurotrend’s range of bathroom accessories offers a captivating palette to complement various bathroom colour schemes:

  • Flat (Silver): The Flat collection showcases a sophisticated silver finish, bringing a timeless and versatile elegance to your bathroom.
    • Matching Themes: Ideal for bathrooms with neutral tones of bathroom tiles, monochromatic designs, or those featuring metallic accents. It seamlessly complements both contemporary and classic styles.
  • Blanco (Ice-White and Chrome): Blanco combines the purity of ice-white with the modernity of chrome, creating a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
    • Matching Themes: Perfect for bathrooms with clean, minimalist designs. It pairs exceptionally well with white or light-coloured bathroom themes, adding a touch of brightness and subtle sophistication.
  • Nero (Matt Black): Description: Nero, in its elegant matte black finish, exudes a bold and dramatic allure, making a strong statement in any bathroom.
    • Matching Themes: Ideal for modern and industrial-themed bathrooms. It complements white, gray, or bold-coloured bathrooms, adding a striking contrast and a touch of luxury.
  • Rose (Rose Gold and Black): The Rose collection combines the warmth of rose gold with the boldness of black, creating a luxurious and contemporary fusion.
    • Matching Themes: Perfect for bathrooms with a touch of glamour. It complements warm colour schemes, such as beige, blush, or deep burgundy, creating a sophisticated and opulent atmosphere.

Neat and Sorted
Eurotrend invites you to reimagine your bathroom space with our exquisite Towel Rails, Rings, and Free-Standing Racks. Imagine the luxury of stepping into your bathroom, greeted by neatly hung towels on stylish rails or rings. The chaos is replaced by a visual symphony of neatly organised linens, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance. The once mundane act of reaching for a towel becomes a gesture of indulgence. That’s the reward for a job well done.