Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Grass

Are you considering installing artificial grass? This article will explore the benefits of artificial grass, the different types available, and the key factors to consider when buying artificial grass.


Artificial Grass Pool

Are you considering installing artificial grass? This article will explore the benefits of artificial grass, the different types available, and the key factors to consider when buying artificial grass.

Benefits of using artificial grass over natural grass

Less Maintenance

No need to water or cut the grass, and you’ll save money on expensive gardening tools and equipment. Unsightly spots, patches, and weeds are a thing of the past, you’ll just enjoy perfect green grass all year round. Artificial grass makes your home look well maintained and taken care of, and adds value to the entire home.

Bug & Allergy Free

Save money on fertiliser or chemicals, artificial grass is made of man-made non-biological materials. There is nothing for bugs to eat or any scents to be attracted to so it’s highly likely they’ll go elsewhere. Artificial grass is also made of allergy-free material, so those with allergies won’t have to stay away and miss out on the fun and games.

Free of Mud and Mess

Because there is no soil beneath, if it gets wet, there is no problem of mud getting dragged all over the house, and no worry about having to clean up the mess.

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Important Tips you need to know when installing artificial grass

Artificial Grass on sale

If you are going to install yourself or get someone to do the installation, make sure to adhere to the following :

  1. Check for Water pipes, electrical pipes and sprinklers below the ground before beginning any planning or layouts.
  2. Artificial grass allows water and other liquids to pass through easily, but where does that water lead to ? There has to be an effective drainage system for the water to flow off after or there will be huge problems after.
  3. Do not lay artificial grass on top of existing grass, top layer of soil has to be removed.
  4. Check for and remove weeds from the site. Chemicals take at least 2 weeks to take effect. Also consider a weed barrier or plastic waterproof layer to negate the chance of weeds growing from the excess water.
  5. Don’t install in very cold weather when you live in a mostly hot climate. The cold weather will have the material contracted, and when it gets hot, the expansion due to the weather change can cause ridges and folds which apart from being an eyesore, and can cause the kids to trip and fall.
  6. Lay each strip facing the same side, giving a more uniform look. Using strips on opposing sides can create an unbalanced layout.
  7. Make a slope of 2 to 3 degrees to allow the water to drain to where you need it to.
  8. Putting a fence or a board around it keeps the edges from fraying and getting damaged, and also gives a neater appearance.

Things to consider when installing artificial grass outdoors over concrete.

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  1. Clean and wash the concrete before you begin to install.
  2. Check whether your drainage is good, any puddles mean that the surface is not flat, it can cause water to dam up, that can bring insects to reside on the surface, and that brings health risks. Also, a non-flat surface can cause kids to fall and get injured.
  3. Cleaning also has to be done to make sure there’s no trace of anything that weeds will be able to feed off and resurface.

Reasons to add a layer of foam or padding when installing indoors.

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  1. The foam also hides slight imperfections and little bumps. It levels the ground also on wooden decking where there are slats with gaps in between.
  2. Because of the softer surface, it will give the Artificial grass a softer impact which will lead to a longer lifespan.
  3. Comfort and luxury when walking bare feet and you have a soft cushiony feel under your feet.
  4. Kids fall often when at play, and adults also can lose balance. The foam prevents serious injuries.

Prevention and Maintenance

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  1. Before use, allow the glue to settle for about 24 hours before stepping on it, to allow it to remain laid just as it is. If there’s too much pressure on the loose glue, it will move out of place and be quite a mission to set back in order.
  2. After the first 3 months the grass and the soil bits that keep it in place will have settled, and it will start to flatten, from then on, use a broom to sweep up the grains to keep it from staying flat. Once a month will be enough.
  3. Remove pet droppings, not immediately. First wait for it to dry up to make it less of a challenge having to wipe off the mess that results from wiping. When it’s dried up, it’s easier to scoop up without leaving a big mess, hosing it off with after will suffice.
  4. Liquid mess has to be cleaned up ASAP, from pets and spilled food and drink from kids can be hosed off with cold water, and if there is a remaining stench, use a detergent or a mild soap to get it cleaned up. Leaving it will cause discolouration and might attract unwanted insects.
  5. If it rains regularly, the rains will wash out all dust and dirt that settles, even what the kids didn’t tell you about. If it doesn’t really rain, hose it down at least once a month to keep all the dirt and grime away.
  6. Keep a check for tears or rips. They can be patched, no need to resurface the entire area. Better to get it done sooner, before it gets worse and becomes a bigger expense.

When must I replace my Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass

You’ll likely be able to tell whether it’s time to replace your artificial turf. Signs to look for include:

  1. The blades are damaged, showing noticeable wear and tear.
  2. Discoloration is showing over large sections of lawn.
  3. Areas of your artificial lawn have become loose, causing tripping hazards
  4. You want to give your outside space a refreshed appearance for a home sale or otherwise.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes and there’s a But.
You can lower costs if you DIY, but if it’s indoor,then it might not be much more than a weekend project if you have the know-how and the tools
If it’s outdoors, there is a lot of preparation, making sure soil is compacted, requiring machinery . Drainage will have to be planned ahead and weed treatments can’t be forgotten. If you are up to the tak, then go for it, but bear in mind that if you do it yourself and it doesn’t come out perfectly smooth and free of imperfections, you might regret messing up the garden.

How long will new artificial grass last?

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Outdoors : If it’s used as a sports pitch, you might get up to 5 to 7 years. The sun plays its part and depending on how much exposure there is to the sun, and how often the surface is used, it could last between 5 and 7 years. It will last a few years longer if it’s just as a grass feature to make the yard look more green and natural.

Indoors : If for general use like a kids play area, and get used mainly by barefeet kids, it can last more than 10 years or thereabout, indoor aging will be less, and you can get up to 12 years of good use from Artificial Grass. If used in commercial stores, it depends on foot traffic, but over 5 years minimum is a good assumption.

Other uses for Artificial Grass.

Perfect for Holiday Homes

This is self explanatory, your holiday home doesn’t need anyone to attend to the Artificial grass. Visit your holiday home after a few months, and it’s still green as when you left before.

Artificial Grass Back Yard
Artificial Grass Poolside

Convenient for the Poolside

It can be used by the poolside, indoors and outdoors. It will be perfectly sustainable if your drainage is planned properly. It gives a lovely green setting that just matches the pool area.

Create a Fun Kids Jungle Gym

Use it around your kids jungle gym, with additional padding below the grass it’s an ideal soft landing of the slide. Artificial grass may also be a more visually appealing option for a kids play area as opposed to other alternatives.

Artificial Grass kids play area
Artificial Grass braai area

Turn a balcony into a luxurious recreational area

You might have concrete on your balcony. Change it to Artificial grass and add a coffee machine or braai, and a few chairs and it’s a hangout spot with a view. Perfect for entertaining guests you love to spend time with.

Create a Sports or Entertainment Feature

Do you have some extra space at home? Why not create a sports or entertainment feature using artificial grass, enjoy playing or practicing your favourite sport all year round or just create a space to have fun with friends and family.

Artificial Grass Putting Green

Homeowners and businesses alike are also installing artificial grass indoors for design purposes. The color brings the outdoors inside, without the mess, which can provide a fresh new feel to the interior of your home. Artificial grass can be used outdoors for a play area, an always-green garden area, a feature area, or even as a sports turf.

There are no limits on what you can do with artificial grass, let your imagination run wild and create something really fun, unique and comfortable for your family.

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