Garden Bathroom Design Idea

Perhaps a few plants tucked in the corner, or maybe a small indoor garden, greenery in your bathroom is great idea.


garden feature bathroom

Are you looking for an inspiring bathroom remodeling idea?

Bring some of the garden into your bathroom. #eurotrend

Gardening is something many of us enjoy, but not everyone has the luxury of having an outdoor garden, especially people who live in and around big cities. Why not take advantage of extra space in your bathroom to house some plants and flowers. There are some really inspiring and creative ways to transform your bathroom into an indoor garden. 

Plan your design.

Make sure you have a plan, a well thought out design will most likely turn out to be something that you are happy with. There are a few things to consider when planning your design

Think about colours.

Firstly you should decide on whether you want a light or dark theme.


black bathroom design

This is my Style


Light bathroom theme

I like This

What textures do you like?

Get creative with some wallpaper.

In addition to plants, you can also use wallpaper to add more greenery and create a more complete look. LED strip lighting can also be used to enhance this feature. Use an LED strip light with colour options so you can set the best colour for the time of day. Be sure to choose an image that compliments the plants & decor in your bathroom.

garden theme bathroom
garden bathroom

Maximise natural light & visuals

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large window in your bathroom, you can plant greenery and flowers near the window to complement your look in the bathroom. Clear frameless glass is also an option an will feel more like you’re actually outside.

indoor garden bathroom

Use natural textures

A textured feature wall is a great idea that will complement your indoor garden and help you achieve a more natural look. You can also use textured tiles or mosaics to create a feature wall. View our collection of tiles.

garden feature bathroom

Choose accessories that match your theme

It’s important to choose the right accessories to complement your bathroom theme, consider colours, lines & curves. Accessories can often help you balance your design by adding bits of colour or texture where it’s needed.


Black Towel Rail


Blanco towel rail


Robe Hook – FLAT

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