How to choose tiles for your home

When choosing tiles, you need to know the overall design of your home and you must have a good idea of your colour theme.


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When choosing tiles, you need to know the overall design of your home and you need to have a some idea of your colour preferences. Drafting a plan before your tile shopping is a good idea. Your plan should include measurements of your rooms and you should plan the finished design of the room so your furniture, paint, accessories and tiles all work together.

What you should consider

Design of your home

Your tiles must fit in with the overall design and feel of your home, if you’re aiming for a modern finish then you’ll probably be choosing a lot of polished porcelain tiles, whilst if you’re going for a cottage style finish then you might consider wood tiles or stone, maybe a balance between the two, whatever you choose, you should always consider your overall home design.

Pairing Tiles

Choose tiles that blend well or contrast well, using the same tile for your floor and wall creates an illusion of a bigger space. If you’re using different tiles, be sure to lay both tiles out against each other in varying light conditions to make sure the light doesn’t change the shade of the tile.

Matching your furniture

It will be a good idea to know what kind of colour choices you are going to make for your furniture as they must fit your choice of tiles.


Consider the purpose of your space, avoid glossy tiles for steps and bathroom floors and high traffic areas will require a more durable tile.


Small spaces will be better suited with a smaller tile, measure out your space properly before choosing your tiles, you don’t want to be in a situation that requires a lot of your tiles to be cut as this could lead to crooked lines or ridged edges.

If you can’t make a colour choice

Go for grey, it’s the perfect middle ground, your tiles will take a back seat in your finished design, allowing other elements and accessories to feature.

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