Artificial Grass – 2 x 12.5m Roll (25m2)


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Enjoy the freshness of the outdoors without worrying about mowing the lawn. Artificial grass is easy to install and is maintenance-free.

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Roll Dimensions
Length: 10 Meters
Width: 2.5 Meters
Total Coverage: 25m2
Grass Thickness: 30mm (Pile Height)
Dtex: 9000D
Density: 18900

Colour: Green
Product Type: Artificial Grass
SKU: 9650

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What does DTEX mean?

Decitex (dtex) is a metric unit, also mainly used for continuous filament yarn, defined as the mass in gram per 10,000 m. A tex is the mass in grams for every 1,000 meters of fiber. In the artificial turf industry, however, this measurement is usually counted in tenths — or decitex, commonly abbreviated as dtex. Therefore, dtex measures mass in grams for every 10,000 meters of fiber or filament. When comparing raw materials of equal quality, the higher the yarn’s dtex, the greater its durability.

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