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Add a touch of beauty to any room with these beautiful Circular Pendant ceiling mounted LED light fittings.

Cool White Light

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Also available in a Round and Oval

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Elevate the ambiance of any room with our exquisite Circular Pendant Ceiling Mounted LED Light Fittings. Designed to infuse beauty and brilliance, these fixtures are a perfect blend of form and function.

Key Features:

Timeless Circular Design: The Circular Pendant Ceiling Mounted LED Light Fittings come in a timeless circular design, making them suitable for a variety of interior styles. With a 30cm length and an 18cm diameter, these fixtures create a striking focal point while providing ample illumination.

Efficient LED Lighting: These pendant lights are equipped with efficient LED technology, ensuring energy savings and long-lasting performance.

Versatile Application: Whether you’re looking to enhance the lighting in your living room, dining area, bedroom, or any other space, these pendant lights are versatile enough to suit your needs.

Aesthetic Appeal: Not only do these pendant lights offer superior functionality, but they also add an aesthetic charm to your decor. The combination of their circular shape and LED lighting creates a beautiful play of light and shadows, elevating the overall ambiance.

Size: 30cm Long (18cm Diameter)

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