Rainfall Twister Kitchen Mixer


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What sets the Rainfall Twister Kitchen Mixer apart is its unique twist feature. With a simple turn of the faucet, you can switch between three adjustable water modes to suit your needs:

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Colour: Silver
Product Type: Kitchen Tap
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Introducing the Rainfall Twister Kitchen Mixer, a new necessity in kitchen mixer design. This innovative mixer tap brings a world of convenience and versatility to your culinary space, making every kitchen task a breeze.

  1. Waterfall Mode: Need a wider spray area for rinsing and prepping food? The waterfall mode provides gentle coverage, making kitchen chores efficient and enjoyable.
  2. Aerated Mode: For tasks that require precision and conservation, twist the faucet to enjoy an aerated water stream. This mode allows you to use less water while maintaining superior cleaning power.
  3. Spray Mode: Press the button, and the Rainfall Twister unleashes a forceful spray, ideal for tackling stubborn stains or cleaning the sink after meal preparation.

Crafted with precision and built to last, this kitchen mixer offers the ideal balance between food preparation and kitchen cleanup. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your space while its intuitive functionality enhances your daily routine.

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